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TERRA ITALIA Newsletter No 1 | 2019

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A warm welcome

Dear readers, with our first newsletter after quite a long break we wish to bring you news stories straight from this region and about this region. Our new and revised newsletter will update you with our latest tips on shopping, food, travelling as well as what’s new and hot on the property market.
So why not browse through our newly designed web page?
We are looking forward to hearing from you and would value your feedback.

Kind regards,

Peggy Peters, TERRA ITALIA

The Flower Riviera has fabulous beaches, a mild Climate and the most number of sunny Days

The climate plays a vital role in our quality of life and the way people in this area live their lives. Between 2008 and 2018 the Imperia Region has been nominated for best climate in Italy and made it to 1st place in Italy with 799.1 points.
Liguria’s surprisingly mild climate is created by the unique combination of being sandwiched between the Ligurian Sea and the mountains. The sea acts like a heat reservoir whereas the mountains provide shelter from the wind.

The south-west facing mountain slopes and the sea store the heat and create warm air chambers, balancing out temperature fluctuations. This is a pleasant phenomena on autumn days, when the cool Tramontana North breeze starts blowing across the Ligurian mountain ridges.

In winter, the temperature rarely drops below freezing point and if it does, it is only a rare nightly occurrence. In July the temperature at sea level stays between 25 and 28° C and hardly exceeds 30° C. The mountains however, have a semi continental climate and it is those variations in climate zones, which make Liguria so attractive. On a day when it is hot near the sea and in the valleys it will still be pleasantly cool higher up the mountains.

Liguria is all about colours, scents and flavours! And the Ligurian beaches are among the beast beaches to be found in Italy and lead the ranking in “Bandiera Blue”.
The “Bandiera Blue” certificate is issued by the F.E.E. (Foundation for Environmental Education) and over the past 30 years beaches have been granted the blue flags subject to rigorous criteria looking at the four aspects of ecological education and information, water quality, ecological management as well as service and security.

All in all, 30 beaches on the Ligurian coast have been granted the Bandiera Blu and are proof for the continuous efforts undertaken by the region to provide excellent quality beaches and service. The beaches named in the Imperia region are Spaggia Arma di Taggia near San Remo, Bordighera (Capo Sant’Ampelio/Rattaconigli, Capo Sant’ Ampelio/Termini), Taggia (Bagni Ruffini), Santo Stefano al Mare (Baia Azzurra) and San Lorenzo al Mare (U Nostromu/Prima Punta, Baia delle Vele).

Autumn is a particularly attractive time to come to Liguria. The Riviera is a like a slice of paradise from early September to the end of November when it is less busy and the weather is beginning to cool down. The olives are getting ready for harvest and once picked by the end of October, they are being worked into the excellent olive oil this region is known for. The Ligurian autumn shines with leafs in red and golden colours and the woods smell of mushrooms and chestnuts. It is the time for cooking game and enjoying the local red wine. This time of the year is still beautifully sunny and only the evenings getting cooler. The water temperature holds at around 16-21°C and with an average air temperature of up to 25°C it is still possible to jump into the sea.

If you would like to explore the Ligurian autumn on one of the many beautiful hiking paths, do visit us in our Dolceacqua office. We are familiar with the area and can suggest the best hiking tours.


Restaurant Recommendations and delicious Recipes

TERRA ITALIA Restaurant Tip

Hotel-Restaurant “Terme” in Pigna

Situated in the Ligurian hinterland, this Hotel Restaurant offers you indoor and outdoor seating in the summer with stunning views over the village Pigna.

The restaurant is run by the Lanteri Family in third generation and guests are always ensured a warm welcome when visiting the ‘Terme’.

The rustic Ligurian cuisine comes with a feminine twist, which is much respected and adored by food critics and the many regular guests. The family is deservedly proud of their critical acclaim.

Locally sourced ingredients of the season are used throughout the kitchen and the bean soup, the suckling lamb and the Zabaione Mouse are highly recommended.

For more information on the Terme Restaurant click on

Local produce

White beans from Pigna, Badalucco and Conio

The white beans so typical for this regions, are being referred to as “slow food” products in Pigna, Badalucco and Conio. The term ‘slow food’ was established by an organization of the same name, promoting the joys of local food and conscious eating and seen as a counter movement to the increase in globalised fast food.

The small communities of Pigna, Badalucco and Conio have cultivated three different varieties of white bean climbers, differing in size and shape. Until recently these beans had almost been forgotten about but thanks to the “slow food” movement and appreciation of their nutritional values, they have found their way back on to the marketplace. They are being sold in fabric bags, featuring the “Slow Food” Logo verifying they are the genuine article.

The white beans from Pigna, Badalucco and Conio can also be eaten fresh during the winter months or dried and then cooked in the excellent and pure local olive oil.

If you want to learn more about the white beans of Pigna, Badalucco and Conio, click on:

Seasonal recipe to cook at home

Patate e Porcini al Forno

Autumn in Liguria is the time of porcini. Freshly picked in the local woodlands, they make delicious meals and side dishes. The repice ‘Patate e poscini al forno’ uses pre-cooked potatoes baked in the oven with fresh porcini. A perfect side dish to go with a roast and equally delicious on its own.

The recipe is for 2 people.

Preparation: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes

350 g firm potatoes
175 g fresh porcini
1 garlic clove
3 Table spoons extra virgin olive oil
3 Table spoons flat leaf parsley
30 g Parmesan
Salt, Pepper


– Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water for 15 minutes
– Wash, dry and chop the parsley
– Clean the porcini and check for worms and discard any parts containing traces of wormholes
– Heat 2 Tbs of olive oil in a pan, add garlic, 2 Tbs of parsley and mushrooms and fry; once the moisture of the mushrooms has evaporated, add 1-2 Tbs of water
– Add salt and pepper
– Drain the potatoes and cut into slices
– Remove garlic cloves from the pan
– Grate parmesan
– Prepare an oven proof dish with one Tbs of olive oil and layer the potato slices with the mushrooms; add salt and pepper
– Sprinkle with parmesan

Bake at 200° C in the middle of the oven for 30 minutes until slightly browned and the potatoes go crisp on the edges.



Excursions, Sport and Culture in Liguria

59th Salone Nautico, Genova

19th – 24th September 2019

Like every year, the international maritime exhibition “Salone Nautico” will be held in the The Fiera di Genova. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors are represented on stalls both on shore and on water, coveting all aspects of the maritime industry such as boats, boating accessories, engines, electric and water sports as well as financing and leasing options. The “Salone Nautico” is regarded by many insiders as the most important platform where to launch new products and services and the more than 200,000 visitors seem to agree. The fair also offers the opportunity to meet leading and well-respected specialists of the field and offers a number of seminars, talks and discussion platforms.

For more information click on:

Black and white impressions

Photo exhibition in Triora and Molini di Triora

Until the end of September, you will have the chance to see two very special photo exhibitions in Triora and Molini di Triora and engange with large scale b&w photographs.

The exhibition “Gli anni del neorealismo” (The years of neorealism) in the Palazzo Stella in Triora focuses on the post-war years in Italy and features photos of some of the best photographers in Italy. To name just a few, Mauro Giacomelli, Fulvio Roiter, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario De Biasi, Piergiogio Branzi and Stanislao Farri.

The second exhibition worth seeing is “La Valle Argentina negli anni 70/80” (The Argentine Valley during the 1970-ies and 80ies), held in Molina di Triora in Casa Balestra. It shows 50 photographs of the Argentine Valley and it’s people taken some 40 years ago by Antionio Semiglia, Marco Zurla and Fulvio De Faveri.

For more information visit

The interior of Landscapes

„Paesaggi Interiori“

The exhibition is organized by the “Soul Center for the Arts” (Director Ernest Hill) and held in the historic rooms of the Castello D’Albertis di Genova. It runs until the 31st October 2019 and offers a fascinating program investigating the influence Christopher Columbus’ “visit” had on the genocide of the original inhabitants and the generations that followed. The exhibition also deals with the suffering experienced by the local population of Turtle Island (North America) over the centuries by way of paintings and photos.

The artists:
Jaque Fragua and Antionette Thompson paint a harrowing picture of the paradise once inhabited by the native people.

Jaque Fraguas’ (Jemez Pueoblo) paintings reflect a constant search for belonging.

Antoinette Thompson (Navajo) uses abstract expressionism to go beyond the conventional image of the native people.

Delaney Keshena (Menominee) studied photography at the institute for Native Indian art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part of her exhibitions is a video created as a co-production with the international exchange program DIGITAL NATIVES.

For more information, please visit:

The full exhibition program can be found under:—%202019%20EVENTI-compresso.pdf

Photo exhibition celebrating the director’s 120th birthday

Alfred Hitchcock in Ducale

From the 13th November 2019 to 8th March 2020 the Loggia degli Abati di Palazzo Ducale is hosting an exhibition to honour the great film director Alfred Hitchcock.

The exhibition will take you to the backstage of some of his most popular films, produced by Universal pictures. More than 80 photos and videos will reveal what went on backstage, lift the secrets of some special affects and show the director with some of the actors he liked to work with in private.
Didn’t you always wonder how some unforgettable film scenes such as the shower in “Psycho” or “The birds” came to life?

The exhibition also covers some of the film music, which will always be closely associated with some of his films.

For mor information on the exhibition, please go to:

Grand Landscapes by great Artists of the 20th Century

Galerie Jean-François Cazeau

The Gallery Jean-François Cazeau is showing great 20th century painters on the subject of ‘Landscapes’ until the 29th September. Landscapes and nature are windows to the soul and the greatest of artists will succeed in connecting their art with their soul. The exhibition ‘Landscapes’ is a tribute to those artists, who have left a mark behind in the art scene. To name just a few artists in the exhibition, it will show paintings by Louis Hayet, Pablo Picasso, Hermine David, Afro, Lynn Chadwick, André Masson and some contemporary artists such as Sean Scully, Ian Davenport, Samuel De Gunzburg and Nicolas Lefeuvre, the former creative director at Chanel in Tokyo. It is his first collaboration with the Gallery Cazeau and he is showing 11 of his works.

To find out more about the exhibition, please visit:

Perfect for Cycling and Hiking

Liguria in Autumn

Liguria is a dream location for active holidaymakers. The autumn is the perfect time to explore this coastal region by bike or on foot. A network of more than 4,000 km cycling and hiking routes are waiting to be discovered. Keen bikers will find that they have to go down a few gears when turning into the hinterland, only to then wind their way back up again on the many serpentine roads. The Ligurian woodlands offer a perfect terrain for mountain bikers – yet most paths are still unmarked. Best to take along a detailed map or to go with a guide.

A 5th edition of the map “Carta inventario dei percorsi excursionistici” (hikingroutes) has just been updated and suggests no less than 751 hiking routes.
Outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling are gaining increasing popularity in Liguria and the paths are being well maintained by the local communities, the regional parks, the national nature reserve Cinque Terre and a number of other associations. The Italian Alpine Association CAI also invests into human resources, information leaflets, maintenance and reopening of some of the paths as well as wild fire prevention.

For more information on cycling and hiking paths, please visit


Upmarket or rustic Shopping in Liguria

Sunday Antique Market


Every first Sunday in the moths of February to December the beach promenade in Bordighera is turned into an antique market where antique dealers from all over northern Italy and France sell everything from furniture, china, silver ware, paintings, books to bric à brac.
This charming Market attracts visitors who simply want to browse and those who are looking for something special or a bargain. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful backdrop is the perfect place for meandering through different times and eras.
Market Opening Times:
January, February, March, November, December from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
April, May, June, September, October from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
July and August from 6.00 pm to 12.00 midnight (the organisers are currently applying for an extension from 9.00 am to 12.00 midnight)

A Luxury Outlet in Sanremo

The Mall

“The Mall” is the latest shopping experience in Sanremo and just a few kilometers away from the Riviera.
The Luxury Outlet Shopping Mall was only opened in June 2019 and offers international designer labels at attractive prices. The fun of shopping in combination with delicious Italian cuisine, surrounded by the beauty of the Ligurian landscape as well as exclusive service offers such as a personal shopping experience and tailor made entertainment packages will make a visit to the architecturally stunning Mall an unforgettable experience.
Opening Times: Daily from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
To find out more about “The Mall” Sanremo, please visit:


Celebrations for everyone

Traditional Stock Fish Festival in Badalucco

14th – 15th September

One of the oldest culinary festivities in Liguria is the “Festival dell stoccafisso in Badalucco” in the hinterland of Sanremo

Two days of fun and delicious tastes: The festival starts on a Saturday night at 7.00 pm with wine, beer, pastis and many local produce, all paving the way to the culinary highlight served on Sunday: Stock Fish!

The tradition goes back to the 14th century when Norwegian Lofoten delivered Stock Fish to Imperia’s harbor Porto Maurizio. 300 years later, the population of Badalucco survived an attack and siege by the Sarazens and the stock fish has been a typical dish for this town ever since. On the annual celebration of this historic event, the ‘stoccafisso’ is cooked with pine kernels, nuts, mushrooms, garlic, anchovies, parsley, olive oil and Taggiasca Olives.
On Sunday at least one thousand people gather on the piazza and enjoy this special feast along with activities for young and old, food stalls, wine and many products sourced from the local area.

The 49th Chestnut Festival in Buggio di Pigna

14.10. 2019

The festival ‘Sagra della Caldarrosta di Buggio’, a village part of Pigna can look back on a long tradition and has been celebrated on the central village square every October since 1970. Everybody, from the local organization Pro Loco to the entire village population and friends of Buggio come together to organize the festivities.
All over the festival, guests can enjoy the roasted chestnuts, traditionally prepared in large pans, similar to huge sieves. The piazza is also heaving with food stalls offering Castagnaccio amd other specialities made from chestnut flour. Castagnaccio is a traditional Ligurian pastry made of just a few simple ingredients. The Ligurian variety is special thanks to the fennel seeds which are a vital ingredient in the baking.

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